Equiplas is made by PlasVacc

An Australian pharmaceutical company with a burgeoning twenty-year history, Plasvacc occupies a very specific and important niche in the equine health sphere. Based in South East Queensland, it operates as the only dedicated animal plasma production facility in the country and the sole commercial producer of plasma for veterinary use in Australia.

Plasvacc manufactures and distributes high quality hyperimmunised blood plasma products used to supplement the immune response systems in animals. Plasma therapy shortens the course of treatments, reduces hospitalisation periods and lessens the quantity of drugs required to treat a variety of medical conditions. Plasvacc, and the techniques developed to manufacture high quality blood plasma products, have garnered worldwide recognition, including an extensive client base in excess of 400 in Australian and overseas. 

This innovation and quality commitment has led to not only Plasvacc’s dramatic growth but has resulted in a suite of dynamic products that have led to a particular sophistication in equine treatment regimes.

Equiplas: Rich in gamma globulins and used to supplement the immune response system of horses. A highly effective treatment for a range of immune deficiencies. 

Equiplas R: Specifically designed to prevent the contraction of Rhodococcus equi infection by foals, a condition which threatens life-long consequences.

Equiplas E: Specifically designed to aid in the treatment of Endotoxaemia in horses. This is a potentially fatal condition and requires the administration of targeted antibodies contained in this product. Equiplas E works in concert with conventional treatments and allows an abbreviated hospitalisation which often saves racehorses.

Gamma-check E tests provide a means for the rapid screening of immunoglobulin levels (mainly IgG) in colostrum, whole blood, or serum. The tests are based on the ability of glutaraldehyde to react with gammaglobulin.  The occurrence of this reaction in blood, serum or colostrum causes a solid clot formation.  This clot formation is the end point of the test and the time taken for the clot to form is inversely related to the amount of gammaglobulin present.

The Gamma-Check-E test is designed to be a rapid screening test for foals, using whole blood or serum.  It was developed as a semi-quantitative means of measuring the foal’s IgG level.  This test offers results within 5 minutes and can be done “mare side”.  No special equipment is needed and the test can be run as early as 8 hours post-foaling allowing time for oral colostrum supplementation.  A positive result indicates that the IgG level is greater or equal to 800 mg/dl.

All Plasvacc products are registered with both the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA).  Plasvacc is also registered with the APVMA as an approved plasma manufacturer.