Arrowfield Stud
Star Arrowfield graduate Sweet Idea

Arrowfield Stud has 48 yearlings catalogued for the 2016 Magic Millions Gold Coast Sale. Their recent Gold Coast consignments have produced Gr1 winner Sweet Idea, Gr3 winners Oakleigh Girl, Amorino, Bachman, Havana and Secret Agenda, and stakes-winning fillies Traveston Girl (also Gr1-placed) and Wild Rain.

This powerful draft is headlined with seven yearlings by Arrowfield’s resident Champion Sire and sire of sires Redoute’s Choice. Among them are Lot 345, a colt from Gr3 winner Judged (High Yield) who is already the dam of Gr3-placed Judicial Rock. Another yearling of note is Lot 502, a colt from Phantom Queen, a winning half-sister to Gr1 Sweet Idea.

Redoute’s Choice son and heir apparent Snitzel has ten lots in this draft, including Lot 131, a colt from Gr1 winner Covertly (Metal Storm) whose son Detective, a full-brother to this colt, is already stakes-placed at 2 this season. Lot 228 is a half-brother to Not Listenin’tome, a Gr3 winner and rising star in Hong Kong. Lot 233, meanwhile, is a full-brother to Gr1 winner Sweet Idea; Lots 201, 476 and 927 are all out of stakeswinners.

Not A Single Doubt has a filly with good residual value in Lot 441, a three-quarter-sister to Gr2 winner Villa Verde, from Gr3-placed Miss Sharapova.

Smart Missile has started his stud career with a bang, leaving a stakeswinner already from his first crop. Arrowfield has ten of his second crop here, including Lot 470, a half-sister to Gr3 winner Secret Agenda. Lot 160 is a half-brother to stakes-placed Wimbledon out of a half-sister to Gr1 winner Your Song; Lot 636 is from the same family. Both Lot 159 and Lot 605 are out of young winning daughters of Gr1 winners.

Freshman sire Animal Kingdom, a superstar on the global stage, has seven lots in this draft. Lot 81 is a filly out of Gr2 winner Cat By The Tale, who has already left Gr2-placed Raphael’s Cat. A half-brother to Gr3-placed Regatta Rebel, Lot 382, is out of a winning daughter of champion filly Alinghi. Lot 477 is a half-sister to stakeswinner Wild Rain, from the family of champion Northerly.

Other sires with yearlings represented in this imposing draft include All American, Charge Forward, Manhattan Rain, Sebring and Starcraft.

12BFAnimal Kingdom (USA)Alexandrova (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
16BrCCharge Forward (AUS)Alverta (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
81CFAnimal Kingdom (USA)Cat by the Tale (USA)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
105BFCharge Forward (AUS)Choice Blend (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
131CCSnitzel (AUS)Covertly (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
159BFSmart Missile (AUS)Distinctive (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
160BrCSmart Missile (AUS)Ditas (NZ)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
166CCStarcraft (NZ)Double Ranga (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
171BFSnitzel (AUS)Driven Snow (USA)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
201BCSnitzel (AUS)Estatuilla (ARG)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
202BCRedoute's Choice (AUS)Evasion (USA)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
228CCSnitzel (AUS)Flame of Sydney (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
233CCSnitzel (AUS)Flidais (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
260BFRedoute's Choice (AUS)Glamour Stock (JPN)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
261BCSmart Missile (AUS)Glendelvine (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
269BCSnitzel (AUS)Good Weekend (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
294BrCAnimal Kingdom (USA)Helena Girl (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
316BrCRedoute's Choice (AUS)Hussta la Vista (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
319BCAll American (AUS)Illusionary (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
341BrCCharge Forward (AUS)Jemison (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
345BrCRedoute's Choice (AUS)Judged (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
353CCSebring (AUS)Kimillsy (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
373BFAll American (AUS)Lahana (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
380BFRedoute's Choice (AUS)Lieserl (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
382CCAnimal Kingdom (USA)Line Honours (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
429CFAnimal Kingdom (USA)Mirovaya (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
441BFNot A Single Doubt (AUS)Miss Sharapova (NZ)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
456BrCCharge Forward (AUS)Morton (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
470BFSmart Missile (AUS)Negotiate (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
476BrCSnitzel (AUS)Nocturnelle (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
477BFAnimal Kingdom (USA)North Flower (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
480GCSmart Missile (AUS)Ocelot (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
502BCRedoute's Choice (AUS)Phantom Queen (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
523BrCSmart Missile (AUS)Pyrography (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
567BCSnitzel (AUS)Sabanci (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
589BFRedoute's Choice (AUS)Serenade Lily (NZ)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
605BFSmart Missile (AUS)Simply Carina (USA)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
629BCSmart Missile (AUS)Stormy Hussey (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
636BrFSmart Missile (AUS)Strictly Personal (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
694BFAnimal Kingdom (USA)Tumble Turn (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
744BFManhattan Rain (AUS)Zing and Swing (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
769BCSmart Missile (AUS)Lunasong (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
812BrCSnitzel (AUS)Power O'Raylee (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
871CCStarcraft (NZ)Vortex (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
890BFStarcraft (NZ)Amalie (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
894BFCharge Forward (AUS)Any Other Day (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
920BCAll American (AUS)Catalina Winemixer (AUS)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW
927BFSnitzel (AUS)Clean Sweep (NZ)Arrowfield Stud Scone NSW